Two Cool Things

1.) The Soundings Project at the National Humanities Center

I had the opportunity to visit the National Humanities Center this past semester with my Special Libraries class, and the librarians there are so kind that they let a classmate and I come back for a subsequent visit that included lunch and more information about some special projects they’ve been working on. Check out the Soundings Project!

Soundings was a radio program that was on in the eighties and nineties featuring Humanities Center fellows talking (solo, and in discussion) about their fields of interest. The Humanities Center has worked with a couple of organizations to  digitize and preserve the shows, and you can listen to them for free! Nerd out on literary theory, religion, art, poetry, history… they would make excellent podcasts, which may be in the future…

Several of my classmates have volunteered creating metadata for this collection, and if I’m still in the Triangle this summer I’m very interested in donating my time to this project as well.

2.) ALA Boing Boing

ALA Marginalia and Boing Boing have announced … an ALA Boing Boing collaboration! This is just the push I need to finally join ALA (especially since I will soon no longer be a student…) I’m very excited about the prospect of this group, since Boing Boing already does such a good job promoting cool library things. For example, this library in my very own home county, has proposed a hackerspace! I really like the idea of public libraries playing a role in the maker / DIY movement. Maybe one day it will be an integral role… imagine a Scrap Exchange library-ish kind of environment… OH MAN.

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