Subject Headings Jeopardy

What a wonderful summer. I’ve been volunteering at the Chapel Hill Public Library doing work on their Headings Report (so long… so very, very long that headings report…) and helping box books up for storage in anticipation of the renovation in the next few months. I’m going to try to keep volunteering 2 hours a week come fall, since they’re such a nice bunch of people. In any case, one thing my volunteering has provided, apart from a nice thing to put on a resume, is the idea for SUBJECT HEADINGS JEOPARDY! Here is an example: the clue is Chauffering — Georgia — Atlanta — Drama, the answer is (in the form of a question, of course) “What is Driving Miss Daisy?” It would be a great category. Maybe the Rev. Adam (of wherethewind fame!) will let me use his Jeopardy power point so I can nerd out at the end of Cataloging II and make a library themed Jeopardy game for extra credit.

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